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Akhter Solar was established in 2005 with its primary aim to become the first foundation of Solar Panel Industry in Pakistan, manufacturing Photovoltaic (PV) modules with all the various requisites of the silicon industry.  The state-of-the-art technology was introduced in the most significant and innovative trend at the first ever manufacturing facility, located in the heart of Hattar Industrial area, adjacent to the Haripur vicinity in the North West of Islamabad, Pakistan.  It is an elitist industry, producing Hi Tech and precise quality PV modules in different sizes and adjustments.

The main advantage behind this generation venture has been to introduce the most compatible Photovoltaic modules, getting to the zenith of technology orientation in the field of alternate energy production and its meaningful utility.  Here, Akhter Solar devised a new pattern of meeting the 21st Century challenges in a modern sphere, renovating the silicon characteristics in the field of energy generation.

After careful analysis and study of the energy shortage in the area, Akhter Solar decided to initiate a customer-orientated venture, where it is committed to the highest levels of service and compatible technology deliverance.  Envisaging the need of the hour, and the growing issue of power shortage in the country, Akhter Solar management decided to embrace the challenge to address the need of growth in the power sector, introducing the alternative energy trends, and putting up one of the most efficient manufacturing plants and utilities with its pioneering stance in the relative field.  Setting a 30 Mega Watt capacity PV Module facility has been an elitist venture which has been introduced in the country with a bright enigma of innovation.  At the Akhter Solar plant, we have the latest machinery, equipped with the state-of-the-art PV Panel manufacturing process control methodology, equally backed up by the brand new infrastructure to give an annual capacity of 30 Mega Watts.  The entire system and configuration is processed in modulated and automated systems integration, hence PV Modules are produced in a quality controlled environment.  All the machinery is fully automated with the latest Photovoltaic gadgetry, meeting the new century challenges.

Akhter Solar is equipped with the latest technology, and efficient machinery has targeted an entire range of consumer markets present in Pakistan as it tries to meet the growing needs and challenges in the field.  Producing cost effective yet advanced technology PV modules in a sound environment, we focus on the customer-based interest.  Akhter Solar has been successful in its innovative journey of, technology providing Photovoltaic panels, which use sunlight to produce electricity, which are much more efficient for their purpose, as well as being much more useful in Northern climates.

Whilst the manufacturing process and the mechanism by which they work is more technical than ever, they are much simpler to install and maintain in actual use for a longer period, eradicating the short-comings of Electric Power in Pakistan.
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